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Monday, April 1, 2019

**As we transition to Digital Talking Book format, we have added some new books on Mp3 disc. Thank you for your patience as we convert our audio library to Digital Talking Book format. Make sure to check out our additions on cartridge by clicking here.

- A People of Hope: Archbishop Timothy Dolan in Conversation with John L. Allen Jr. by John L. Allen Jr. (D1239): Draws out a picture of future trends by exploring where Dolan wants to lead, and how will a Church that increasingly bears his imprint look and feel?  Allen frames questions in a way that allows Dolan to expand on the topic himself as much as possible. The result is a book more “with” Dolan than a book “about” him, which is indeed the best way to understand the man. At the end, one can agree or disagree with Dolan’s outlook, but one may at least be better equipped to understand why thoughtful modern women and men might still believe there’s something worth considering in the Catholic message.

- Along the Way: Real Life Moments Touched by God by various authors (D1240): A collection of over 60 stories describing people going through everyday life’s ups and downs, to realize that Jesus was with them along the way and that their lives have been changed.

- Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday by Pope Francis and edited by Antonio Spadaro (D1241): This book is a collection of over 185 daily homilies Pope Francis gave between March 2013 and May 2014 taken directly from the Pope’s small Mass that he celebrates daily with in front of an audience that is always different: gardeners, office workers, nuns and priests, as well as a growing group of journalists. They are all based on the days scriptures, and are transformed to explain how they are equal to what is happening in everyday life today.

- Heartstorming: The Way to a Purposeful Life by Father Paul Keenan (D1242): Heartstorming is both a method and a way of living that Keenan, a celebrated Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of New York, devised as a path to lasting inner peace and fulfillment. The simple three-tiered process includes the heart’s reaction to an experience, the mind’s reflection on the reaction, and the soul’s synthesis of the experience, resulting in a new sense of purposefulness. More than a recipe book of techniques, this work facilitates a lifestyle of abundant and joyful living.

- The Importance of Being Foolish: How to Think Like Jesus by Brennan Manning (D1243): In a powerful exploration of the mind of Christ, Manning reveals how our obsession with security, pleasure, and power prevents us from living rich and meaningful lives. Our endless struggle to acquire money, good feelings, and prestige yields a rich harvest of worry, frustration, and resentment. Manning explores what Christ’s mind was truly focused on: finding the Father, compassion for others, a heart of forgiveness, and the work of the kingdom. A refreshing reminder of the radical call of Jesus and the transforming love of God.

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