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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


-Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativisim With Logic and Love by Edward Sri (B1592, 3 volumes):  In an age in which preference has replaced morality, many people find it difficult to speak the truth, afraid of the reactions they will receive if they say something is right or wrong. Learn how Catholic morality is all about love, why making a judgment is not judging a person’s soul, and why, in the words of Pope Francis, “relativism wounds people.”

-An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriel Amorth (B1593, 3 volumes): In this powerful book, the renowned exorcist of Rome tells of his many experiences in his ministry as an exorcist doing battle with Satan to relieve the great suffering of people in the grip of evil.

- St. Francis of Assis: Passion, Poverty and the Man who Transformed the Catholic Church by Bret Thoman, O.F.S. (B1594, 4 volumes): In this biography of St Francis, the author pieces the inner life of the saint, revealing his deepest passions, his unquenchable love for poverty, and his unshakable grip on the core of the Gospel.

-Icons of Love: Married Saints by Our Sunday Visitor (B1595, 1 volume): A booklet with twelve short biographies of married saints and couples whose marriages were commited and conscious acts of the will, “in accord with God’s will, to desire others’ good at all times.”

-Follow Your Dog: A Story of Love and Trust by Ann Chiappetta (B1596, 2 volumes): This book, written by a client of the XSB, takes the reader on a journey of understanding: learning what it’s like to overcome the darker side of disability by walking the path of independence with a canine partner.

- Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion and Sensitivity by James Martin, S.J. (B1597, 1 volume): A moving and inspiring book, offering a powerful, loving, and much-needed voice in a time marked by anger, prejudice, and divisiveness.

- Saint Rose of Lima: Short Biographies Novenas, Chaplet and Prayers (Online Sources) (B1598, 1 volume): Booklet of short biographies of Saint Rose of Lima.

- The Catholic Church: A Short History by Hans Kung (B1599, 4 volumes): Kung chronicles the Roman Catholic Church’s role as a world power throughout history. Along the way, he examines the great schisms between East and West, and Catholic and Protestant as well as the evolving role of the papacy, the stories of the great reforming popes, and the expansion of a global church infrastructure.

- My Little Book of Prayers by Brown Watson Publishers (B1600, 1 volume): Traditional prayers suitable for children.

- Sidewalks, Sacristies, and Sinners: Stories of Living Faith (B1601, 1 volume): Gospel like stories and parables.

- The Iguana Tree by Michael Stone (B1602, 3 volumes, fiction): Set amid the perils of illegal border crossings, The Iguana Tree is the suspenseful saga of Lilia and Héctor, who separately make their way from Mexico into the United States, seeking work in the Carolinas and a home for their infant daughter.

- Border Child: A Novel by Michael Stone (B1603, 3 volumes, fiction): Young lovers Héctor and Lilia dreamed of a brighter future for their family in the United States. Héctor left Mexico first, to secure work and housing, but when Lilia, desperate to be with Héctor, impetuously crossed the border with their infant daughter, Alejandra, mother and child were separated. Alejandra disappeared. Now, four years later, the family has a chance to reunite, but the trauma of the past may well be permanent.

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