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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

- Tuned In: The Power of Pressing Pause and Listening by Art and Laraine Bennett (B1685, 2 volumes): Offers advice, techniques, and practical suggestions for shutting out the distractions and becoming a better listener. Using real life situations woven throughout with scriptural reflections, the Bennetts offer profound and practical advice for improving your relationships through the art of listening.

- Rutilio Grande: A Table for All by Rhina Guidos (B1686, 2 volumes): Explores the inspiring life and ministry of the Salvadoran priest whose killing changed the church in El Salvador and the life of his close friend, the country’s most prominent church member, Archbishop Oscar Romero.

- Helen Prejean: Death Row’s Nun by Joyce Duriga (B1687, 2 volumes): Explores Sister Helen’s life growing up in upper-middle-class Louisiana, her growing awareness of the injustice of the death penalty, and its disproportionate targeting of the poor and minorities. Also details her life’s work with victims and their families, and how she came to understand her role in prison ministry, not only as an activist but as a champion fighting for hope and restorative justice for those facing the death penalty.

- Elizabeth Johnson: Questing for God by Heidi Schlumpf (B1688, 2 volumes): Who is God? That is the question Elizabeth A. Johnson has spent her life exploring. As a Catholic theologian, writer, teacher, and religious woman, Johnson has searched for “the Living God” and ways to understand God that make sense for our time, perhaps most famously in her groundbreaking book “She Who Is.” Her work is firmly grounded in the Catholic tradition while it explores the edges of that tradition, pushing it to be more inclusive, a project that has caught the attention of other scholars, everyday Catholics, and sometimes critics.

- Living with Contradiction: An Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality by Esther de Waal (B1689, 2 volumes): This book is for old friends of the Rule of St. Benedict and novices alike. Holding up segments of the Rule, de Waal’s meditations on Benedict’s words illuminate the wisdom of the Rule not only for those of Benedict’s time, but for all of us today as well.

- The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity: How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness by Matthew Kelly (B1690, 2 volumes): This book provides the practical tools necessary to help you regain your fervor and leave your mark on the world - and experience more happiness than you thought possible. Together we can change the course of history - with humility, generosity, kindness, and joy, one Holy Moment at a time.

- Be Still and Listen: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life by Amos Smith (B1691, 3 volumes): The various crises we experience in society and culture today, at their root, reveal a spiritual problem: a profound lack of meaning. The mystical truths revealed in scripture can surely help. This title helps the reader to explore the contemplative dimensions of the Bible, either on your own or in a group setting, as you perhaps never have before.

- Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe (B1692, 1 volume): Nine day prayer in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

- Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century by Joan Chittister (B1693, 3 volumes): This new edition of a classic religious text combines the timeless wisdom of Benedict of Nursia’s Rule with the perceptive commentary of a renowned Benedictine mystic and scholar who expands its principles into the larger context of spiritual living in a secular world and makes the seemingly archaic instructions relevant for a contemporary audience.

- How to Live: What the Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community by Judith Valente (B1694, 3 volumes): Valente explores the key elements of the Rule and clearly demonstrates how incorporating this ancient wisdom can change the quality and texture of our lives offering a way forward from the divisions gripping our country. These fresh and profound explorations are inspiring and thoughtful, and will motivate readers to live a meaningful life.

- Corita Kent: Gentle Revolutionary of the Heart by Sr. Rose Pacatte (B1695, 2 volumes): Corita Kent, an American nun and pop artist, led a life of creativity and love that took her in unexpected directions. In this engaging portrait, Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP, offers an in-depth look at Corita Kent, gentle revolutionary of the heart, letting the beauty and truth of her life and art speak for itself.

- Father Augustus Tolton: The Church is the True Liberator by Joyce Duriga (B1696, 2 volumes): Father Augustus Tolton was the first identified black American ordained to the priesthood in the United States. He was born into slavery and escaped to freedom with his mother and siblings under harrowing circumstances. Throughout his life he displayed a great devotion to the Lord and the Catholic faith despite facing racism within the Church at nearly every turn. Still, he felt and preached that the Catholic Church’s teaching that all people are children of God regardless of race made it the true church for African Americans in the United States following the Civil War. In Augustus Tolton, Joyce Duriga brings to light his quiet witness as a challenge to prejudices and narrow-mindedness that can keep us insulated from the universal diversity of the kingdom of God.

- Georges and Pauline Vanier by Mary Frances Coady (B1697, 2 volumes): Georges and Pauline Vanier were the parents of Jean Vanier, the cofounder of the L’Arche communities. They lived an intensely spiritual life, influenced mainly by the Carmelite tradition. Georges and Pauline Vanier: Mercy within Mercy is the warmly told story of their life together through World War II and the second half of the twentieth century, drawing on many letters and journals by Georges and Pauline themselves and those closest to them.

- Jean Vanier by Michael W. Higgins (B1698, 2 volumes): Winner of the 2015 Templeton Prize and numerous other international and prestigious honors, Jean Vanier lives a radical poverty of surrender in a time of fanatical acquisitiveness, economic disparity, and mounting bellicosity among nations. He is a philosopher of the heart, icon of wholeness, and justice activist.

- The Superpowers of Robert Dittman by Steve A. Peirce (B1699, 1 volume): Biographical article about blind lawyer Robert Dittman, braille client of XSB, that appeared in San Antonio Lawyer.

- Nadine, My Funny and Trusty Guide Dog by Carol Flesichman (B1702, 1 volume): Delightful true story told through a first-person narrative, a sight-impaired young woman describes how her service dog, Nadine, loves to play tricks around the house. Provides a fascinating glimpse into life with a guide dog.

- Martin Sheen: Pilgrim on the Way by Sister Rose Pacatte (B1703, 2 volumes): Martin Sheen, best known for his role as a Catholic president in the prestigious television series The West Wing, returned to the practice of his Catholic faith at the age of forty after decades away. After years of battling alcohol addiction, a near-fatal heart attack, and a nervous breakdown, the stage, film, and television actor renewed his dedication to his family and activated his faith with energy, grace, and joy.

- Shahbaz Bhatti: Martyr of the Suffering Church by John L. Allen, Jr. (B1704, 2 volumes): Traces the evolution of a martyr, from his roots in a traditionally Catholic village in the Punjab region of Pakistan through his awakening as an activist and political leader. His riveting life, from devoted altar boy in an overwhelming Muslim nation to human rights campaigner, from politician and government minister to martyr, is one of the great Christian dramas of our time, and as long as Christians are at risk anywhere in the world, Shahbaz Bhatti will be a source of inspiration and hope.

- Luis Antonio Tagle: Leading by Listening by Cindy Wooden (B1705, 2 volumes): Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has been called “the Asian Pope Francis,” because of his humility, his connectedness to the lives of everyday Catholics, and his insistence on the church’s duty to care for the poor and the marginalized. Veteran Catholic journalist Cindy Wooden offers a poignant look at this archbishop of Manila who has impressed Catholics around the world.

- When I Sit and When I Stand by Ralph Fader (B1706, 3 volumes): Interpretative meditations and prayers based on the Book of Psalms.

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