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Thursday, January 3, 2019

- Three Minutes a Day: Volume 53, 2019 by The Christophers (B1670, 4 volumes): A perennial favorite, this book offers inspirational stories and reflections for each day of the year.

- St. Clare of Assisi: Light From the Cloister by Bret Thoman (B1671, 3 volumes): Known facts of Clare’s life are weaved with imaginative passages that bring the reader into the profoundly spiritual world of the Light from the Cloister. Hailing from an aristocratic family, Clare continually in imitation of Our Lord and Francis sought to make herself lesser or minor. In the process, in another of God’s divine paradoxes, she became a giant, not only of her Age, but of all time.

- Miracle in Motion by Antonio Martinez, SJ and David Warden (B1672, 2 volumes): Father TJ’s last will and testament to the kids he helped pluck out of the barrios of Houston and put on a path, in the Cristo Rey school, to success they never imagined was possible through education. It is a memoir that teaches by revealing his own failures, disappointments, and struggle to find purpose in his life.

- In All Seasons, For All Reasons: Praying Throughout the Year by James Martin, SJ (B1673, 1 volume):  Over the centuries many fruitful approaches to prayer have taken hold, but often there is a certain unease about what is right or what is best. In this welcome and welcoming book, Fr. James Martin eases these concerns with thoughtful, practical encouragement about prayer in all of its forms.

- All the Pope’s Saints: The Jesuits Who Shaped Pope Francis by Sean Salai, SJ (B1674, 2 volumes): This book isn’t just about the Pope’s spiritual inspiration, but you’ll get to know many Jesuit saints (famous & not) who are the Holy Father’s heroes & role models.

- Guide Dog Stories, A Compilation from Online Resources (B1676, 1 volume): Stories about guide dogs, including the recent New York Times article on The Seeing Eye in New Jersey, that may hit home for a lot of our clients.

- Holy Desperation: Praying as if Your Life Depends on It by Heather King (B1677, 3 volumes): Desperation has many faces: the addict who has hit bottom; the laid-off worker struggling to make the next house payment; the person who seems to have it all together but is wracked with fear, guilt, anger, or shame. We know we need help, but we are afraid to let anyone - especially God - see how broken we truly are.

- I Thirst for You: A Letter from Mother Teresa of Calcutaby St. Teresa of Calcutta (B1678, 1 volume): A letter from Mother Teresa of Calcutta to her spiritual family.

- Flannery O’Connor: Fiction Fired by Faith by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell (B1679, 2 volumes): The remarkable story of the gifted young woman who set out from her native Georgia to develop her talents as a writer and eventually succeeded in becoming one of the most accomplished fiction writers of the twentieth century. Recounts the poignant story of America’s preeminent Catholic writer and offers the reader a guide to her novels and stories so deeply informed by her Catholic faith.

- Oscar Romero: Love Must Win Out by Kevin Clarke (B1681, 2 volumes): An in-depth look at Archbishop Romero, the pastor-defender of the poor and great witness of the faith, which offers a prism through which to view a Catholic understanding of liberation and how to be a church of the poor, for the poor. Traces the events leading up to his assassination at a chapel altar in San Salvador and the reverberations of that day in El Salvador and beyond.

- Daniel Rudd: Calling a Church to Justice by Gary B. Agee (B1682, 2 volumes):  Agee offers a compelling look at the life and work of this visionary born into slavery who found inspiration in his Catholic faith to fight for the principles of liberty and justice. Rudd’s hopeful spirit lives on today in the important work of the National Black Catholic Congress, as it carries forward his pursuit of social justice.

- Into His Likeness: Be Transformed As a Disciple of Christ by Edward Sri (B1683, 2 volumes): Sri provides an approachable but in-depth exploration of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. He also offers for consideration “the four habits of a disciple: prayer, the breaking of bread (the Sacraments), fellowship, and the teaching of the Apostles. 

- Habits of Compassion: Irish Catholic Nuns and the Origins of New York’s Welfare System, 1830-1920 by Maureen Fitzgerald (B1684, 7 volumes): A study of Irish-Catholic Sisters’ tremendously successful work in founding charitable organizations in New York City from the famine through the early 20th century. Fitzgerald argues that it was these nuns’ championing of the rights of the poor - especially poor women - that resulted in an explosion of state-supported services and programs.

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