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Friday, August 9, 2019

- Blessed Margaret of Castello Novena Book (B1737, 1 volume) and Blessed Margaret of Castello Triduum Book (B1738, 1 volume): Novena Prayers in Honor of Blessed Margaret of Castello.

- The Beggars’ Christmas by John Aurelio (B1739, 1 volume): Two beggars, one blind, one crippled, search for the meaning of Christmas.

- Paul Farmer: Servant to the Poor compiled by Jennie Weiss Block (B1740, 2 volumes): Introduces readers to this physician and medical anthropologist of international stature whose Catholic faith has driven him to work untiringly to make a preferential option for the poor in health care.

- Force for Good: The Catholic Guide to Business Integrity by Brian Engelland (B1741, 3 volumes): These pages show you how to infuse integrity into your business and why it is so essential to success. You will learn not only the responsibilities you have to your employees, to your customers, and to society in general, but also why you must fulfill these responsibilities to remain competitive. In short, you’ll learn how to do the right thing in business, and how to do it the right way.

- American and Catholic: Stories of the People Who Built the Church by C. Walker Gollar (B1742, 4 volumes): Tackles difficult topics such as slavery, the treatment of Native Americans, martyrdom, the role of women, and immigration in a balanced and nuanced way. From the time of the first European explorers to the twenty-first century, it offers glimpses into the long, sometimes painful, and always changing life of the Church in the United States.

- The Fisherman’s Tomb: The True Story of the Vatican’s Secret Search by John O’Neill (B1743, 2 volumes): From earliest times, Christian tradition held that Peter — a lowly fisherman from Galilee, whom Christ made leader of his Church — was executed in Rome by Emperor Nero and buried on Vatican Hill. But his tomb had been lost to history. Now, funded anonymously by a wealthy American, a small army of workers embarked on the dig of a lifetime. The incredible, sometimes shocking, story of the 75-year search and its key players has never been fully told — until now. The quest would pit one of the 20th century’s most talented archaeologists — a woman — against top Vatican insiders. The Fisherman’s Tomb is a story of the triumph of faith and genius against all odds.

- Lift Up Your Heart: A 10-Day Personal Retreat with St. Francis de Sales by Father John Burns (B1744, 2 volumes): For more than 400 years, Introduction to the Devout Life by Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales has been regarded as the essential guide to holiness and loving God. This spiritual classic takes on new life in Lift Up Your Heart, where Rev. John Burns has interpreted ten meditations for the modern reader and distilled them into a ten-day mini-retreat that can easily be completed in the midst of a busy life.

- The Shoemaker’s Gospel by Daniel Brent (B1745, 2 volumes): In “The Shoemaker’s Gospel,” a fascinating story based on the biblical accounts of Jesus, we are whisked back to the years of Jesus’ earthly ministry and the life-changing effects that it had on all who knew him.Through the eyewitness journal entries of a first-century shoemaker whom Jesus has nicknamed “Soft Shoes,” we hear the Lord’s soothing but challenging voice as he delivers a parable about what it really means to give generously; we marvel as he heals a girl thought to be dead; we feel his anger as he overturns tables in the temple; and we sense the simultaneous confusion and unspeakable joy as Mary and the disciples realize that their crucified teacher has been raised from the dead!

- At Play in the Lions’ Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan by Jim Forest (B1746, 7 volumes): Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016), priest, poet, peacemaker, was one of the great religious voices of our time. Jim Forest, who worked with Berrigan in building the Catholic Peace Fellowship in the 1960s, draws on his deep friendship over five decades to provide the most comprehensive and intimate picture yet available of this modern-day prophet.

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