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Thursday, June 20, 2019

- Thomas Merton: Faithful Visionary by Michael W. Higgins (B1718, 2 volumes): Thomas Merton was the consummate post-modern holy one: flawed, anti-institutional, a voice for the voiceless. But he was also a classical traditionalist: centered, obedient, in search of stability. He was a religious thinker of remarkable insight, a social commentator of courage and conviction, and a writer of startling virtuosity. Michael W. Higgins recounts the life of this insatiable wanderer. He explores the various layers of influence and evolution in Merton’s thought and spirituality. This book tells the remarkable story of a life that remains to be understood from its beginnings and long after its premature ending.

- Rosemary Nyirumbe: Sewing Hope in Uganda by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda (B1719, 2 volumes): Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe’s 62 years of life provide a powerful testament to God’s presence, love, and hope amidst unimaginable violence. Throughout these many years, her native Uganda and southern Sudan (now South Sudan) have suffered the devastating effects of war and military clashes. Children, as the most vulnerable population, have suffered the most - being orphaned, kidnapped, forced to become child soldiers and sex-slaves. Scaperlanda brings to light Sister Rosemary’s vocation of loving presence to these youth in the midst of this cultural and societal obliteration.

- Paul VI: Pilgrim Pope by Michael Collins (B1721, 2 volumes): Pope Paul VI (1963-78) was one of the most important and influential pontiffs of the twentieth century. In this engaging biography, Michael Collins examines this deeply spiritual man who is remembered as a reformer, evangelizer, and pilgrim.

- The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis (B1722, 1 volume): Short story referenced in “The Proverbs Explained” containing nine sermons delivered by Lewis during World War Two. The nine addresses offer guidance, inspiration, and a compassionate apologetic for the Christian faith during a time of great doubt.

- Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World by Sherry A. Weddell (B1723, 1 volume): How does God’s grace change our individual lives, families, neighborhoods, parish communities, and cities? In Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World, Sherry A. Weddell describes how the Holy Spirit is at work in all the baptized-calling and gifting us to say yes in ways that will be the longed-for answer to someone else’s prayers and fuel the mission of the whole Church.

- The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run: Fr. Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda (B1726, 2 volumes): The moving story of a simple parish priest from Oklahoma who would not abandon his Guatemalan parish and was martyred during the Guatemalan civil war at the age of 46, from the author of Rosemary Nyirumbe: Sewing Hope in Uganda (B1719, 2 volumes).

- Selected Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor compiled by Angelo O’Donnell (B1727, 3 volumes): Selected writings of the celebrated American novelist, short story writer and essayist.

- The Catholic Guide to Loneliness: How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow from It, and Conquer It by Kevin Vost, Psy.D. (B1728, 2 volumes): Offers a comprehensive guide to loneliness affording men and women the deepest possible answers to the pain of loneliness. Rooted in ancient philosophical and Biblical wisdom, and buttressed by modern theory and research, these pages bring you to an understanding of the root causes of loneliness and teach you remedies - secular and religious. Includes scores of lessons about loneliness from solitary monks, modern psychologists, saints like Thomas More and Thomas Aquinas, and Christ Himself. Cites The Enchiridion from the Works of Epictetus which is available in braille (B1729, 1 volume)

- A Priest Answers 27 Questions That You Never Thought to Ask by Father Michael Kerper (B1730, 2 volumes): Fr. Michael Kerper has collected and answered over two dozen questions that most of us have asked, but rarely took the time to seek an answer. With wit and enthusiasm, Fr. Kerper tackles each question head-on, relying on Scripture, tradition, the Catechism, and the writing of the saints to provide us with answers. Fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable, this book provides you with a treasure trove of little-known knowledge to share with your family and friends.

- A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction by Christopher Blum (B1731, 3 volumes): Provides the time-tested antidote that enables you to regain an ordered and peaceful mind in a technologically advanced world. Drawing on the wisdom of the world’s greatest thinkers, including Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas, these pages help you identify and show you how to cultivate the qualities of character you need to survive in our media-saturated environment.

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