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Monday, January 14, 2019

Sessions on awareness and meditations based on the teachings of Tony de Mello

Image - Sessions on awareness and meditations based on the teachings of Tony de Mello

In 2018, we undertook a project with Desmond Towey and Fr. Leo Daly, SJ to develop an interactive series of meditation and awareness sessions for our clients. Des and Fr. Leo are trustees of the de Mello Spirituality Center. In the spirit of Fr. Tony, the de Mello Center presents, through books, recordings, articles, and conferences, spiritual themes and exercises designed to enrich and transform your life.

Please mark your calendar - We have scheduled the final Tony de Mello Guided Mediation Session!

The Sixth Session - Locate the Source of Joy Within You
Thursday, January 24 at 3 PM

There will be no need to register for this session. Access information will be sent just prior to the session.

For anyone who missed out on our previous sessions, or if you would like to listen again, you may do so either with your internet connected device or via phone.

Direct Access via internet connected device:

de Mello First Session

de Mello Second Session

de Mello Third Session

de Mello Fourth Session

de Mello Fifth Session

Access via phone:

The playback number is (712) 770-4752

Access code: 942796#

de Mello First Session is Reference Number 8

de Mello Second Session is Reference Number 16

de Mello Third Session is Reference Number 14

de Mello Fourth Session is Reference Number 19

de Mello Fifth Session is Reference Number 23

We recently added Fr. Tony’s books Wellsprings and Sadhana to our audio library on Mp3 disc (and we are working to make it available on digital talking book in the near future). If you would like to request these, please let us know and we can send them to you.  Thanks again for your ongoing support of this new initiative from Xavier Society for the Blind! 

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