Contact :: Registering for Services

In order to become a registered client, please write or call the Xavier Society. Request the application and certification-of-need forms. (These can also be downloaded from this site by selecting or clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.) The latter is to be completed by a qualified person or agency with direct knowledge of the applicant’s condition. The Xavier Society prefers, whenever possible, to deal directly with the user of its services rather than through an intermediary.

Although XSB services are offered mostly to individuals, when several XSB readers live in the same residence or housing-cluster, XSB can accommodate a Coordinator System in which a volunteer coordinator serves as a liaison between all readers in the residence and XSB. Please contact the Xavier Society for more information.

Please use our current application to request services from XSB, Current XSB Application.

You may also read more about our various services in the following brochures: