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Xavier Society for the Blind Library, c. 1915

Xavier Society for the Blind Library, c. 1915

Xavier Society for the Blind produces braille books on spiritual and religious topics and provides braille catechetical textbooks for students in religious education courses. Additionally, the Propers of the Sunday Mass (Old and New Testament readings and selected prayers and responses) are available in braille and audio.  Many of the individuals who receive our materials in braille serve as lectors in their churches.

We maintain a lending library of audio materials and produce books in braille on demand which may be retained by our clients. In addition, we make available for download from our website a number of periodicals which are recorded by volunteers.

It should be noted that we are part of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and we are the National Catholic Press and Lending Library for the Visually Impaired. 

Xavier Review, a newsletter, is published four times a year in braille and audio (downloadable from our website) highlighting our most recently available book selections and organizational updates from XSB. The Catholic Review is a magazine offered on a regular basis in braille and audio (downloadable from our website), consisting of recent articles of interest from a number of religious periodicals.

Following in the footsteps of our founding members, we have a special interest in helping develop young braille readers. Through the kind generosity of grants and several partnerships we provide, at no cost, the New American Bible (45 volumes in braille), Catechism of the Catholic Church (14 volumes), Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church (7 volumes), and Vatican II Documents (16 volumes). Xavier Society for the Blind also offers story books in print and in braille, so parents and children can read together when one or the other is blind. Our library continues to grow with books for older children and teens. Each year we produce two religious calendars in braille: a very popular pocket size calendar and a Saints’ Days calendar.
We cannot anticipate the specific needs of our clients at all times, so we welcome and encourage special requests. Each year we transcribe into braille and/or record books, Vatican encyclicals and pronouncements, and prayers and devotions for specific celebrations and religious groups. As part of our mission we continue to explore ways to make this material more accessible and available to the widest possible audience of those in need.

St. Francis Xavier

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The patron saint of our work is St. Francis Xavier, one of the first Jesuits, who spent his life helping to spread the teachings of Christ throughout the world. He is the patron of missionaries, and ours is very much a missionary venture, taking the word of God to those who need assistance in whatever form best helps them to hear it.